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Handcrafted Copy and Storytelling

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Nash Creek Industries writes custom website copy, articles, and other prose for small companies and agencies.


Handcrafted Copy and Storytelling

People are busy. Attention is fragmented and unfocused. So don't miss the opportunity when someone looks at your website, email, or brochure. You should be clear about what you sell and how the customer will benefit.

Some companies fill their pages with so much BS that no one can figure out what they do. Don’t be that company. Nash Creek Industries will make it all better. Just like Mom putting a bandaid on your boo-boo.

Straightforward and direct. Always working to achieve clarity. It's what we do.



• Florida
• Michigan
• Anyplace in the Heartland where entrepreneurs are helping to build a sustainable economy

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How We Help

Website copy

Focus on your strengths. Build the business. Develop the technology. But let Nash Creek help you tell the story. We have a well-tuned method based on 20 years of successful website creation. In our experience, it's all about optimal taco intake. Everyone knows it takes some primo tacos to fuel the production of good copy. This is science, people. Bill Nye will back us up.

Blog posts & articles

Content is king. There – we said it. That tired old phrase has been tossed around since we started writing content on AOL back in 1997 (28.8 dial-up FTW). The thing is, it's still true. You need to think like a media company and publish content that matters to your customers. We'll help you with informative blog posts on your site, guest articles for industry sites, or customer case studies.

printed pieces

The term "sales collateral" makes us cringe a little bit. Reminds us of a sales manager who used to show up late to meetings after he was out too late "developing relationships." Despite that — you do need sales pieces now and then. And sometimes you need a brochure, rack card, or one-pager. We've done more of those than you can shake an expense report at.