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The story behind John Terry and the mighty Nash Creek Industries copywriting shop.


John Terry: Credentials, Background, and Such

Let's clarify some pronouns right out of the gate.

The "we" in Nash Creek Industries is "me" – John Terry. I've never tried to fool anyone or pretend this is bigger than it is. But I grew up in a time and a place where "shops" and small factories made things that matter. So I've always liked the idea of owning a little shop. It's fun for me.

Things I've Done

• First media job – delivering The Sparta Reminder when I was 9 years old. It was a weekly newspaper in a Michigan farm town. Lots of hand washing with Lava to clean off that ink.
• Studied radio/TV broadcasting at Wabash Valley College
• Worked in radio for a few years, then went back to my newspaper roots with a job at The Orlando Sentinel
• Editor, writer, misser of deadlines
• Learned how to meet deadlines
• Worked on a couple of scrappy little startup divisions inside Tribune Company
• Helped bring the Sentinel and Tribune Company online in the '90s
• Worked on the Digital Cities joint venture with AOL (Oh, that modem sound!)
• Producer of online content – engagingly engaging words, video, and audio
• Here's the one most people care about – Employee No. 10 in a startup that sold to Google for $125 million; handled marketing, PR, corporate communications, sales collateral, ghostwriting for the CEO, yadda, yadda, yadda
• Nope – I didn't get rich from that sale to Google
• Helped develop a social enterprise startup that recycles discarded items from the hospitality industry
• Sole proprietor of Nash Creek Industries

Copywriting Process

I had a hard time keeping my big yap closed when I was a kid. Mom and Dad had to deal with my motormouth around the house. And my teachers didn't have it any better at school. Plenty of report cards came home with a "23" in the "Citizenship Comments" column.

23. Talks too much to others

Yup. Little JT loved talking to people. I always wanted to know what was going on, who was doing what, and why they were doing it.

Not much has changed since middle school. I still love hearing about what people do and what motivates them. That's the secret to what I do at Nash Creek Industries.

The clients and I talk. I ask a lot of questions and get to know them. It's a journalistic approach that helps me get to the heart of their “why.” From there we can tell the story, and dial in the right tagline, messaging, and brand voice. 

Nothin' fancy. I'm the biscuits and gravy of copywriters.