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Startup Packages

Some nifty little low-priced copywriting packages for startup companies.


Copywriting Packages for Startup Companies

Mature companies and startups with venture capital can pay market rate for creative services. Early stage startups don't always have that luxury.

So if you're in the early stages and trying to bootstrap the company, then we want to give you a break. You deserve to have top-notch content. Your website and sales materials should look and sound professional.

We do this because our passion is helping startups in regions that have seen tough times over the past few decades. You can read more of that story on the About page.

John Terry is the sole proprietor of Nash Creek Industries. A few things about him:

• Employee No. 10 in a startup that sold to Google
• Worked on a couple of scrappy (a.k.a. "poorly funded") startup divisions inside Tribune Company
• Helped develop a social enterprise startup that recycles discarded items from the hospitality industry
• Mentors startups in an incubator

So he has a good sense of what you're going through.

Basic kit

• 30-minute discovery session
• Copywriting for one landing page (non-scrolling)
• SEO Optimization
• Two rounds of revisions
• Proofreading 

Cost: $300


• 60-minute discovery session
• Copywriting for a basic website (up to six pages)
• SEO Optimization
• Two rounds of revisions
• Three tagline suggestions
• Company description
• Proofreading

Cost: $1,000